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On the average, a program level student will spend 12-18 months working with our instructors in their area of need. We use Lindamood-Bell®* programs in our tutoring approach. Our programs can be one-on-one or, in some cases, small groups of two or three. If you are seeking the greatest academic impact and potential improvement for your child, Crossroads programs are for you!

Select from one of the programs below to see more details about that program and to assess whether that program is right for you or your student.

*Crossroads Learning Network LLC. Is Not Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes nor is it affiliated with, certified, endorsed, licensed, monitored or sponsored by Lindamood-Bell- an international organization creating and implementing unique instructional methods and programs for quality intervention to advance language and literacy skills- in no way endorses or monitors the services provided by Crossroads Learning Network LLC.

Program Evaluations

All students enrolling in a Crossroads Learning Network programs and workshops must be evaluated to ensure proper program and placement. The evaluation includes approximately an hour with your child. In a 30 minute consultation, strengths and weakness are explained and a recommendation is given for the type and duration of program needs. Click here to get pricing information on our program evaluation.

School Pull-Out Program

During the Academic year, Crossroads Learning Network is happy to provide our programs during school hours. Coordination with your student’s school can be negotiated to allow for a “pull-out” much like a dentist or doctors appointment. Crossroads Learning Network does not provide transportation for students. Please contact us for more details.

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