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Reading and Spelling Fluency using Seeing Stars®*

This interactive program utilizes a learning process known as Symbol Imagery, the ability to visualize sounds and letters in words. This allows the student to improve their decoding skills, reading fluency and spelling accuracy. This program uses the Seeing Stars®* program. This offering is structured to each student's need and our goal is to produce the strongest possible achievement level for each student.

Is This Program Right for Me or My Student?

Does your student have a difficult time with word recognition and reading fluency? Are they slow to correct their reading errors? Do they read words such as “cook” for “crook” or have a difficult time remembering sight words? They can spell phonetically but struggle with remembering the visual pattern of words.

Crossroads Learning Network uses a program that successfully develops Symbol Imagery, the ability to see sounds and letters in words. The program begins by visualizing individual letters and extends into multi-syllable and contextual reading and spelling. By integrating imagery and language, reading and spelling can be improved.

*Crossroads Learning Network LLC. Is Not Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes nor is it affiliated with, certified, endorsed, licensed, monitored or sponsored by Lindamood-Bell- an international organization creating and implementing unique instructional methods and programs for quality intervention to advance language and literacy skills- in no way endorses or monitors the services provided by Crossroads Learning Network LLC.

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